What Stories Hold You Back

What stories are we living, and how do they impact our choices? Do these stories belong to us or to others? Sometimes the stories we carry influence us more than facts.
In the case of college students, how often do we ask 19- or 20-year-olds why they are going to college? Many of them go without knowing the real reason why.
If you were to ask them what their purpose is for attending college, some would say that they want a college education because their parents never had the opportunity to attend college. Some may think that if they don’t go to college, other people will regard them as being uneducated – keeping them focused on seeking approval from others. Others may not have
attended college because of the expense, and may become frustrated by the lack of opportunities because they did not go to college – keeping them focused on the past.
What is important is that each individual get in touch with his or her real dreams and aspirations dwelling from within. Many times this can be distorted by past traumatic experiences. We may unconsciously allow unanticipated traumas to shape our destiny, and let past triggers drive our reactions and our behavior before we even have a chance to think.
These shocks are stored in our subconscious as a form of protection from pain and disappointment, but this doesn’t allow us to show the real story of who we are. Once we find the resolution to these conflicts that relate to our stories and unmask who we really are, then we can freely live the story of our lives in the way we want it to unfold.


One Love, One Heart, One Destiny

By Dr. Douglas J. Price, D.C. In “One Love,” the iconic songwriter Bob Marley sang, “one love, one heart.” To this I would