Healing Your Core Issues with German New Medicine

By Douglas J. Price, D.C.
Unexpected or unanticipated traumas may lead to emotional core
issues, which can cause us to feel powerless. When we feel powerless, we no longer are able to access our inner wisdom, love, and power.

When an unanticipated traumatic event occurs, it is stored in the psyche
part of the brain. Because the psyche is an extension of the soul that stores
everything we touch, hear, taste, smell, and see, anything associated with the designated unexpected trauma can trigger the body to resurface the
experience of that trauma throughout the lifetime, which can be derailing.

For example, we may be hung up on making mistakes because of those we have made in the past. This can cause self- doubt and will prevent us from trusting our own wisdom. Many times, this results in a stiff neck and/or headache. Another example is experiencing heart palpitations from a love
relationship gone wrong. If your significant other cheats on you, the shock
experienced from finding out is recorded in your psyche as a shock. Because it caught you off guard, it may make you more cautious and fearful in your next relationship, rather than being open to love. This dilemma can also lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

According to German New Medicine, in order for the healing phase to
begin from any disease or illness, the dots between what the body is
experiencing currently must connect with the original, unanticipated,
traumatic event. Only when the shock event is recognized and the individual is willing to make necessary changes and participate in his or her own healing, does the healing phase begin in both the brain and organ affected. This is scientifically proven through documented laboratory studies and cat scans that showcase brain chemistry changes in correspondence with this process.

Healing core issues through German New Medicine provides an
opportunity for an individual to delve deep into discovering traumatic shock events that have the ability to cause illness. In order to heal, a patient must keep an open-mind and be willing to actively participate in his healing
process, as a German New Medicine provider cannot do the work for him.
When the traumatic conflict is recognized and resolution of the conflict
begins to take place, the resolution, in turn, causes the body and specific
affected organ to heal the designated disease. This allows total healing to
begin, sometimes within a few hours or days and gives life the opportunity to carry on through its natural flow.


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