Scaling The Waves Toward Health

By Douglas J. Price, D.C.
In my last article in Maui Vision Magazine, I wrote about tachyon energy. I
referred to this free energy as a faster-than-light healing modality. Just as important is scalar energy, which uses a lower speed of light and is vital to our health.
Whereas tachyon energy raises the health state to a higher order, in contrast, scalar waves actually recondition the original phase lock of optimum, normal functioning. But before we can apply this technology, it is important to know that before any healing modality can work, we must resolve the conflict caused by an unanticipated traumatic event that occurred sometime in our life; when left unresolved, these conflicts eventually turn into illness and disease.

Without addressing the cause, you may experience only limited relief from other healing methods. Information and energy are important. Rhythm flows as proper information is in dynamic balance within the triad of resolution – namely, the brain, organ/tissue and the psyche. However, faulty information may lead to a false perception from the environment; this may result in an unsuccessful adaptation. This occurs on the triad of wellness, structure, electromagnetic and biochemical levels. When we adapt unsuccessfully, we rob other tissues of the body.
It’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul. This may distort the energy of the scalar waves by not having the proper phase lock, which may further degrade optimum performance.
Once the resolution of the conflict matches the specific inner organ and tissue in question, then, on the body level, we can provide therapy utilizing scalar technology to reset the original phase lock. This will enhance phase locking for the triad of wellness, thereby reducing redundant tissue manipulation, acupoints and supplements.


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