Reach Your Peak With Zero-Point Rhythm and Energy

By Douglas J. Price, D.C.
Bringing to surface suppressed conflicts and utilizing tachyon (free energy) to re-establish order, are keys to peak performance and health.
Just like a computer, we have the ability to operate at a peak level. In order to have peak performance, all channels must be open and as clear as possible.

Soul and spirit defragmentation means that we need to learn our soul’s lessons to attachment so that our world becomes one with all that is.
We may observe our bodies as a living bio-computer, which can be accessed through muscle testing and other measurements that can detect any fragmentation.

Fragments can then be tested on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
Adjusting diet, exercise and meditations are the most common suggestions.
However, there may be unconscious or subconscious blocks that influence our behaviors.

Sometimes we do things that are not good for us, and life doesn’t turn out as we wish.

We can check things that will help free us from these fragments in our bio-computer so that we may experience peak performance.
Rhythm and energy must be reset to zero.

As with all things in life, there is a rhythm that reflects the soul level.

The first thing that will need to be altered is fixated rhythm caused by an unanticipated dramatic event that leads to the onset of disease – physical or psychotic.

The founder of this work, referred to as German New Medicine, is Dr. Geerd Hamer.

His first book – Cancer, Disease of the Soul –explains that all diseases are classified according to altered rhythm, such as cold diseases and hot diseases.

It actually will cause the body’s hard drive (brain and nervous system), software (psyche), and machine (inner organs and tissues) to
become fragmented.

Once we have experienced an unexpected shock, our pre- programmed biological programs that have been set over the course of evolution, are initiated at the moment of the trauma; they are set in place to ensure our survival, even if it doesn’t make sense on the mind level.

This includes any unresolved conflict from our ancestral origins, which can be either an individual or group soul conflict that needs to be resolved.

Once resolved, the rhythm of hot and cold diseases will return to zero.

Resolution of the conflict represents soul defragmentation.

Nikola Tesla discovered “free energy” back in the 1800s.

He referred to this as “zero-point,” an oceanic field of energy all around us, vast beyond imagination.

Arising out of this is what is referred to as tachyon energy.

Existing in faster-than-light (FTL) non-frequency reality, formless zero-point impacts the slower-than- light (STL) frequency universe through tachyon.

Tachyon particles are like the water drops sprayed off by ocean waves.

They seem to have a profound role in the creation and evolution of subatomic particles, and consequently, the atomic structure of all matter.

Tachyon can therefore be seen as the source of all frequency.
This means that it helps us to align with and attune to the quantum field itself.

Tachyons help us to reconnect with Source, and thereby relieve pain, strengthen bones, reverse aging and nurture our pineal gland.

In many spiritual circles, decalcification of the pineal gland is essential for spiritual ascension.
Using zero-point energy allows the rhythm of our world to align with all biological laws, and will allow us to flow in oneness with spirit.


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