What Nourishes Us?

By Douglas Price, D.C. May 17, 2015
What nourishes is not only what we take in, but what we release as well. Most readers might assume that eating a good diet enriched with a good exercise program will heal everything. However, we may realize that other factors are at play, especially when we hear a story about a 104-year-old man who drank whiskey and smoked cigarettes every day, and who is still healthy and productive and still working on his farm. We may also hear the story of a yoga instructor who is battling lymphoma and leukemia after 30 years of eating nothing but organic vegetarian food, and practicing meditation and yoga every day. It would appear that the yoga instructor would be least likely to get sick, but this is not always the case.
Similarly, many people have always eaten low-fat foods, taken fat-burning supplements, and counted calories to prevent weight gain, but they still continue to gain weight despite their best efforts.
To really know what nourishes us is to delve deeper and to understand that there are other reasons why we experience certain physical symptoms. Many people believe that our thoughts, emotional patterns and attitudes, generated by character flaws or genetics, can cause physical health issues. However, according to German New Medicine, all traumatic shock or events that one experiences in a lifetime has been recorded and stored in our psyche/soul. Until those traumatic events or conflicts are resolved, we will continue to experience certain physical health problems.
I am not referring to traditional psychological methods where the patient tries to figure out why he or she is experiencing a particular symptom. Rather, resolving the conflict using German New Medicine allows the body to begin to heal itself.


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