GNM Music therapy



GNM Music Therapy

In Music Therapy there is more to it than it meets the ear.

There are two vital components that help the emotions and body move  into a healing state with diminished symptoms.  One, is to tune into the  original music frequency of 432 Hertz instead of today’s standard of  440 Hertz, as heard over the radio and recording devices.  In 1939, a discovery was made by the Rocketfeller Foundation.   They noticed that when people would hear this 440 HZ frequency, they  would have a tendency to overwork themselves and would become  disconnected with their emotions.

In 1978, Dr. Hamer, the founder of German New Medicine discovered that  the cause of all diseases, except poisoning, was due to an unanticipated  dramatic shock which activated two phases of the nervous system.  The  first phase, is in the sympathetic nervous system, which is “fight or  flight”, where we are in a state of conflict trying to resolve our  problems, emotionally as well as physically.  Second is the  parasympathetic nervous system, commonly referred to as  “eat and  sleep,” which is activated once this conflict is resolved and we are  then able to relax and let go (This refers to the Second Biological Law).   Dr. Giovani Conti, a professor of music had a successful recovery from  cancer with the help of GNM.  As a gifted musician, she was able to  understand that the two phases of the nervous system, mentioned earlier,  could also be identified in classical music. She then analyzed a song  Dr. Hamer had written for his wife and found that it was composed using  this exact same format.

 Although this music, when played repetitively to maximize repetitive  patterns, was not necessarily designed for its aesthetics, one may still  enjoy listening to it as one would do with most classical music.  The  whole purpose is to allow the brain to naturally “understand"  this  universal format of the two phases of the nervous system and this puts  all conflict activity into “stasis”  by bringing both sides of the brain  into balance which then activates healing of the body, especially in  chronic conditions.  This is the only music, to date, that has the  complete format to cover both  phases of the nervous system in its  entirety.  Music that was composed pre 20th century and post 20th  century became more dissonant, abstract and out of synch, and would  actually keep both phases of the nervous system mentioned earlier, from  becoming balanced.

Here are a few examples of testimonials from people with chronic conditions:

A little girl with bronchitis, whose Mother kept this music playing  around the clock, found that in less than a week her bronchitis was  reduced and she was then able to make a full recovery.

A person who was experiencing a serious case of  psoriasis, whose skin  turned lobster red, found that after listening to Dr Hamer's music,  immediately experienced a reduction of his symptoms and in a few weeks,  his skin returned to normal.

This music can work in a variety of cases, especially when people are  trying to recover from a chronic illness, it is possible for them to  fully recover in a very short time.

Another feature of this music therapy is that it can be used to help adults and children as well as animals.

This music is a useful adjunct playing in the background for those  people receiving any type of emotional, psychiatric or any other kinds  of therapy as well.