German New Medicine



German New Medicine


This is Triad #2

Psyche, Brain and  (Inner)Organ/Tissue (connective. muscle, bone)

It is a cutting edge True Science that sees disease from the Eyes of Mother Nature by resolving conflict from an unanticipated dramatic shock.

This unanticipated dramatic shock is referred to as DHS.  It was named after the son of founder of German New Medicine, Dirk Hamer Syndrome.

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I was first exposed to German New Medicine in Norway in 1999. The science was totally foreign to me and literally turned my world upside down. Fortunately, I soon recognized its innate truth and realized that Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD – the founder of German New Medicine, is a true hero.

Although Dr. Hamer was already successful as a MD he abandoned a life of luxury and stayed true to his years-long research, observations and findings. He refused to compromise his principles by yielding to the formidable medical profession in Germany and he wanted the world to know about his discovery (read the full story at To me, Dr Hamer is not only an intelligent doctor, but also an incredibly courageous man, totally devoted to helping people.

You may wonder if German New Medicine is identical to the more common expression of Body, Mind and Spirit. Well, not exactly. If not for his use of the brain CAT scan in the 1980′s, Dr. Hamer may not have come to his conclusions. For the first time in medical history, he verified three (3) levels of the psyche, brain and organ allowing for the patient to be analyzed from various aspects.

The mind-body medicine has been growing in popularity since the 1990′s. New systems have arrived on the scene like for example the Psychoneuroimmunology. Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay and other international authors are heading in the right direction but they are missing key elements for achieving long term health benefits and success.