Chiropractic kinesiology


Chiropractic Kinesiology Left Triad #1 – Incorporating German New Medicine. Right Triad#2 – A blend of alternative medicine therapies. For example, There is an advance form of kinesiology that was pioneered by Dr. Alan G. Beardall in the 1980’s. Still today, his work with hand mudras commonly referred to as “hand modes” act as a signal of specific frequency to be use as a diagnostic tool. He named it Clinical Kinesiology because he was able to back it up with clinical findings, e.g., blood work, lab tests, orthopedic tests and neurological examination. Dr. Beardall in the mid-1970’s discovered the body as a “living bio-computer.” In my practice, I measured distortion in the body on three levels, structure, electromagnetic and bio-chemical.