My interest in nutrition, diet, and detoxing started over 30 years ago. I then wanted to learn more in about this field and as a result I earned my Doctorate in Chiropractic and several other medicine related professional certifications. People always ask me: “What should I take for my cold or flu? Should I take Vitamin C or Goldenseal Herb? The real question one should ask is “What conflict is being resolved that is bringing on these symptoms in the first place?” Learning German New Medicine has an explanation for any and all illnesses. You may not have to take any drugs or do anything at all. Once the conflict is addressed, a bio-chemical change occurs and if it causes discomfort you can help alleviate some healing symptoms with non-invasive therapy. Simple things like a cup of coffee and an ice pack can help headaches. You will need to understand the basic principles of the German New Medicine and how your body works.