What causes allergy

“Many of you allergies sufferers are rightfully seeking a cure.  The cure is not out there, but within you.

For many of the allergy sufferers reading this article, I have refreshing news.

There is a lot of confusion on what is out there in terms of the word “cure”.  What is even more important than the cure is the cause that creates the need of the cure.

A cure is often times confused with alleviating a symptom.  Actually, the symptom itself is a clue.  To really and truly understand what causes allergies is to come to the realization that it is not a mistake of nature.  There a biological meaning that has evolved over eons in our evolutionary process that is consistent in plants, animals and humans.
The cause of allergies is an unanticipated event that initiates an inner conflict.

There are many kinds of allergies.  What makes a specific allergy is the kind of conflict one experiences.  Before we understand the allergy, we must understand its mechanism and the biological reasons for it.

The disease process for allergies, as for other illnesses, has two phases: a cold phase and a hot phase. These two phases respectively represent the sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight) and the parasympathetic nervous system (eat and sleep). A five-minute video on my website explains this process further.

Nature is designed to take its due course.  The symptom that all allergies depend upon the specific type of conflict.  Let’s say you ate an orange and you get a skin rash.  The allergic reaction is indicative of the hot phase where in the middle of the hot phase Mother Nature provided a spike that put the brake on the first part of the healing phase.  This is equivalent to a healing crisis.  What is important to be aware of is that Mother Nature’s biological program  set eons over time records everything in our psyche; it is our software of the soul to ensure our survival.  In the middle of the hot phase when the individual exposed to the orange, we then experience a relapse that is the same intensity as the beginning of the cold phase initiated by the unanticipated event. The skin rash example demonstrate the biological shock of someone while eating orange experiencing a sudden separation from someone. The subconscious memory has been resolved but not completely resolved, so they may have another chance to completely resolve it.

The allergic fulfills the biological intention of Mother Nature.  Once we are aligned with our Brain Codes by resolving our conflicts, we are doing more for Planet Earth, for we are aligning with nature’s code for all species. In fact, Mother Nature never makes mistakes.  We have heard and need to heed the advice “Don’t fool with Mother Nature.”

Once you know the nature of the conflict in each organ and tissue, you eliminate the guesswork and allow enhancement of any remedies needed. Your health is finally in your hands. Through talking with me, you gain awareness of the nature of your conflict and release the triggers or tracks of your original unanticipated event, providing immediate relief.  This is a much healthier alternative.


Learning to resolve the conflicts that are the causes of your allergies is the biological solution.  I cover this further in  my next 2-Day Webinar series or week-long seminar to learn to deal with the true cause of diseases or conditions through the science of German New Medicine.

This knowledge enhances the individual’s capacity to heal oneself and others with or without modalities and/or remedies in accordance with German New Medicine’s Five Biological Laws.

This can save time and money on unnecessary items that you may not need or cut down significantly on the remedies or modalities needed.  In addition to helping yourself, you could be the one to help your family and friends by introducing them to the groundbreaking methodology of German New Medicine.
I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise as an approved German New Medicine instructor/practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic Science in my seminar or webinars, or with a consultion on Skype or in my office.

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