Consciousness – Psychological and Biological

Triads of Alternative Medicine Therapies and German New Medicine

Seven Energy Levels and the Two Triads prioritize the best of German New Medicine and incorporating Alternative Medicine Therapies.

In the seminars, you will learn the difference between Psychological and Biological conflicts.   It’s my intent to assist you with discovering an awareness of just how vital the root cause of psychosis and/or disease is linked to the origin of unanticipated events.

In Level III, you will learn how a psychosis develops.  For example, Dr. Hamer has found, without exception,  that we can identify autism on the brain CAT scan always shows one concentric target ring on each hemisphere.  Each of the target rings, represent evidence of unanticipated event that occurred and on both hemisphere are related and active at the same time creates a psychosis.  You will learn that different combination of one on each hemisphere will create different forms of psychosis.

Psychologist are limited to dealing only with the programming of the mind and its ego structure.  A psychologist’s approach may be enhanced by an awareness of the fact that a psychosis is preceded by an unanticipated event.  These events can also influence and shape of our character.  This knowledge may enhance any psycho-therapeutic approach by an understanding of the Five Biological Laws.