Psyche Brain Organ

The relationship between the psyche, brain and organ can be compared to a computer’s major elements – the software, the hardware and the machine itself.


To understand the basics of German New Medicine one must first learn about the role of the psyche which acts as the “software”, and how to detect the nature of the so called “tracks”.

Tracks are stored by the psyche and are detectable by our environment through our five senses. When an unanticipated event occurs everything is recorded by the psyche in sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and becomes associated with the nature of the conflict.

The tracks recorded in our psyche are not a mistake of Mother Nature. They are vital life-preserving memories.  A common example of a track is an allergy.  Every time a track is detected by the psyche on a conscious or unconscious level (eg when eating peanuts, wheat, hay fever etc) the allergy manifests.

In my seminar / webinar courses you will learn how to discover the tracks that hold us in a chronic condition.  Interestingly, alternative medicine does not adequately address this phenomenon.  Despite the variety of alternative medicine remedies or energy work the results will be limited.  One may have symptomatic relief but the problem will resurface later again once the person’s psyche senses the survival mechanism that reminds one of the unanticipated event /s (tracks).


The brain would act as the “hardware” in the computer system.

It monitors and regulates the Nervous System.  The brain mediates the event between the psyche and the organ.

Once the unanticipated event takes place, you will see evidence of this event very clearly marked by a target ring configuration on a specific brain relay.  Dr. Hamer has verified over thousands of brain CAT scans indicating that specific diseases always appear, without an exception, on the same specific brain relay.


The organ would act as the “machine” or the “computer” itself.

The organic response or location is predetermined by the exact nature of the conflict.  When a person is shocked they do not have a chance to think or analyze the conflict because it happens before we know it or realize it.

This is a meaningful Special Biological Program of Mother Nature meant to ensure our survival. It is based on how we perceive unanticipated events in our lives.  It is important to note that not all people respond to the biological shock (unanticipated event) the same way.  One person may have their liver affected while another person might be having colon issues.  Furthermore, an individual may have more than one organs affected by a single unanticipated event.

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