Five Biological Laws

One of the most important aspects of German New Medicine is to understand that:

Every illness is a “Special Biological Program” that is meant to ensure our survival.

Consider this.
Who are our co-inhabitants of the air we breathe? Everything that God has made or created is divine.  This means Mother Nature does not make mistakes.  We are meant to share the same breath of all creatures –  large or small, seen and unseen.  This includes living in symbiosis with  microbes, funguses, bacteria, viruses and even parasites.

All multi-cellular structures that comprise all humans, animals and plants have evolved with these microbes.  All these structures have through evolution a code to live in harmony with all species.  You will learn that there is an interesting parallel in evolution of our discoveries of the brain and minute inhabitants.

Dr. Hamer has identified Five Biological Laws as part of the Special Biological Program.  Each Biological Law is unique but strongly interrelated to the other four.

We can make a significant difference by cooperating with Mother Nature’s Five Biological Laws which is crucial for survival in this day and age.

First Biological Law

The First Biological Law of German New Medicine is known as the Iron Rule of Cancer.

It is initiated by an unanticipated event – a highly acute, isolating biological shock.

This unanticipated event or biological shock, also called conflict, can happen at any time in our everyday lives and it determines whether a cancer, or cancer equivalent disease or a psychosis will develop.  This includes any diseases whether it is in dysfunctional or pathological range.

No illness (except those caused by poisoning, major accidents, trauma or iatrogenic diseases) can occur without a shock or unanticipated event.

This is the cornerstone of the German New Medicine.

Second Biological Law

The Second Biological Law is known as the law of two phases.

Dr. Hamer discovered that every disease has tow phases:

  • a cold phase – (or conflict active phase) with which each disease begins and which lasts as long as the person is in conflict; and
  • a hot phase – when the conflict resolves.  This phase is also known as the healing phase.

The two phases can be thought of or compared to the rhythm of a lasting day and a lasting night.

It is important to note that approximately 50 percent of all diseases appear during the conflict active phase and the other 50 percent appear when the conflict has been resolved.

Third Biological Law

The Third Biological Law depends upon how the person reacts to the shock.  This reaction, based on the person’s perceptions, beliefs and experiences in life, both on conscious and unconscious level, determines what part of the brain and what organ or tissue is affected.

Fourth Biological Law

The Forth Biological Law determines what kind of microbe (fungus, bacteria or virus) is going to be utilized in the hot or healing phase of the conflict.  The type of microbes is dependent upon what tissue or which organ was affected by the conflict.

Fifth Biological Law

The Fifth Biological Law was the last law to be discovered by Dr. Hamer.  It is called the “Quintessence” and it helps us understand the biological reason or necessity for the physical manifestation.